Adrien Aiache MD Plastic and reconstructive surgery

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Aiache

The following biography is from the Beverly Hills Times magazine cover story written by Suzanne Takowsky.

Dr. Aiache, a Board-Certified Plastic/Reconstructive Surgeon (at one time on staff at 18 different hospitals) has racked up some 30 years experience revitalizing and updating just about every continent. With offices in Beverly Hills and Tarzana, California, Aiache is regarded as the foremost authority in the world on Calf/Pectoral implants. His celebrated ‘body work’ has garnered unprecedented media attention and notoriety, and Aiache has emerged “King” of implants for allegedly ‘rebuilding’ many of the most recognizable and high-profile legs, chests and arms of Body Builders, Actors and Male Models on planet earth (Aiache refuses to comment on celebrity names I refer to)…

It took my three separate meetings on three separate days to finally complete what I originally thought would be a one-hour interview. From his in-house operating suite to consultation and waiting rooms—Aiache’s presence was in demand every single minute. Whether it was post-op patients in for a look-see, emergency fly-ins needing a stitch here and there, or a round of new patients hoping to revitalize and rejuvenate…it was non-stop. After the second day it was apparent just what Aiache’s patients find so appealing—in addition to his surgical expertise, of course: Aiache seems to have an unwavering amount of patience when it comes to answering his patient’s questions and he, puts a great deal of effort into taking the guess work out of what he does. This was a perfect opportunity to see first-hand what goes into making the patient/doctor communication factor work. Aiache makes certain that his patient’s expectations are realistic. When that’s settled…there’s no doubt he has the experience and state-of-the art resources to get the job done.

Over the years many prominent Plastic Surgeons have trained under Aiache’s experienced hand. And, like a proud father, he celebrates their successes, noting that plastic surgery is a craft of precision and artistic detail, years of hard work, training and perseverance. Aiache’s dedication to his profession has brought forth numerous patented operating instruments and as many surgical advancements routinely used by surgeons everywhere.

Aiache’s office is modest compared to the more opulent of his Beverly Hills peers. Not surprising. He is low-key, but very charming—something patient’s and office staff obviously like. Johnna Giedt, his operating room nurse, has been with him 25-years. Aiache proves year after year there’s no substitute for professionalism, experience, dedication and motivation to be on the cutting-edge of surgical advancement, with ongoing understanding of surgical.